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Ferum International, headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, is a steel trading company with major trade operations in The Netherlands, Turkey and Caribbean region. The company delivers a wide range of value-added coil & sheet steel, tubular products, profiles (merchant bars), angles and gas pipes for a variety of industries.

Ferum International has her strength on 3 elements:
– Product Quality
– Delivery time
– Pricing

– Product Quality
The quality of products delivered by Ferum International meets up with all the European standards and above. Special finishing off or specific packaging in a variety of bundles are always deliberate. Presence of DoP, CE marks of the factory and laboratory test reports are self-evident!

– Delivery time
With excellent logistic knowhow, good partnerships and few (organizational) layers Ferum International provides a quick, qualitative and correct delivery uniquely suited to the customer. Any special requests or delivery with urgency? Ferum International will always help finding a solution!

– Pricing
By intelligent acquisition, strong partners and leaving out high overhead, Ferum International manages to deliver the wanted products with competitive prices, without losing the focus on high service and the personal touch.  Ferum International is ready to serve you!



Hot Rolled Steel Coil Products are used in Pipe Profile Production, General Structure and Cold Forming Applications.


Steel pipes are made of an alloy of iron, carbon and other elements. Steel pipes are used in the machine and construction industry, but they also can be found in other manufacturing and industrial applications.


Steel tubes are made of an alloy of iron, carbon and other elements. Steel tubes are used in the machine and construction industry, but they also can be found in other manufacturing and industrial applications.

Gas Pipes

Steel pipe (or black iron pipe) was once the most popular choice for supply of water and flammable gases. Steel pipe is still used in many homes and businesses to convey natural gas or propane fuel, and is a popular choice in fire sprinkler systems due to its high heat resistance.


Metal shapes such as beams, formed channels and other profiles which builders use in construction and re-converters use for shaping them into different products


There is a large variety of different equal and unequal stainless steel angles sizes, which can be sourced throughout the world in both imperial and metric sizes.


Tata Steel Europe reports $100m October-December 2015 loss


The European subsidiary of India’s Tata Steel Group saw its losses increase quarter-on-quarter in October-December 2015, it said on Thursday February 4. Click here for the full article.


There is a sea snail that wears a suit of iron plated armor. It is the only known animal to use iron sulfide as a skeletal material.

Turkish steel exports total 1.3m tonnes in January, CIB says


The Turkish steel industry managed to increase its export volumes in January despite a raft of negative factors, the Turkish Steel Exporters’ Assn (CIB) said on Thursday February 4. Click here for the full article.

EU steel prices close to bottoming out


European steel prices may have reached their lowest point with a slight revival of fortunes expected for 2016. European steel mills have announced price hikes for first quarter business. It is unclear whether the price increases will be accepted by buyers. Click here for the full article.

Global steel prices continue to slide in December


International steel prices remained under pressure, in December, due to sluggish global demand and high inventories. According to MEPS International Steel Review, world steel prices slipped further across flat and long product areas. Click here for the full article.

EU hollow section prices steady in pre-Christmas market


Structural hollow steel section prices were unchanged across Europe on Wednesday December 16, as the markets fell quiet ahead of the Christmas holidays. Click here for the full article.

Six Italian long steel producers investigated for domestic price-fixing


Italian anti-trust authority AGCM has opened an investigation into allegations that six major domestic makers of long steel products have collaborated to fix the prices of rebar and welded mesh since 2010. Click here for the full article.

EUROFER offers practical solutions for EU ETS


The European Steel Association (EUROFER) has published a position paper setting out how it believes the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) can be improved. Click here for the full article.


Bronze is generally harder than iron. The Bronze Age didn’t give way to the Iron Age because iron weaponry was superior, but because iron was more plentiful and easier to work with.

Global steel demand down 1.7%, says worldsteel


Global steel demand will decrease by 1.7% to 1.5Mt in 2015 following growth of 0.7% the previous year, and is forecast to show growth of 0.7% in 2016, reaching 1.5Mt, according to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) short range outlook. Click here for the full article.

Innovative 3-D steel bridge project in Amsterdam


A Dutch startup company MX3D has embarked upon an exciting and innovative new project to manufacture a steel pedestrian bridge in mid-air over an Amsterdam canal using a 3-D printer. Click here for the full article.

EU steel demand will be met by imported steel


Rising EU steel demand will be met by imports and European producers will not benefit, claims EUROFER. Click here for the full article.

Ever taller skyscrapers made possible by steel


Dubai, Shanghai, New York, London, Moscow: All around the world, ever taller and more striking new skyscrapers are being designed and built. Major cities are giving clear indications that the race to reach new heights is on. Click here for the full article.


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